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Take A Trip Back To Simpler Times
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Carson Hot Springs Golf and Spa Resort

Located at the Columbia River Gorge

Take A Trip Back To Simpler Times

At Carson Hot Springs Resort, we pride ourselves in the ability to offer a doorway into the beauty of nature and simplicity as well as natures sulfur-rich healing mineral waters. While staying with us, you’re tucked away in the beautiful forestry that is the Columbia River Gorge. We encourage everyone who stays with us to be in the moment and appreciate the area surrounding them. This down to earth setting doesn’t need to be glitz and glammed; we present a true moment to focus on yourself and the people you’re with. Our rustic property (some rust in rustic) is not to be confused with a high-end pampering spa, but rather as a place to decompress and detach from everyday life. Loyal guests keep coming back not because they want to stay in their room their entire time, but rather because they want to be somewhere to stay in tune with their senses and soak in the rejuvenating mineral water.


Built in the early 1900’s, Carson Hot Springs Resort features an authentic bathhouse, cozy accommodations, and a relaxing atmosphere. Find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of Washington State as you reawaken your senses and find comfort in the traditional practice of “taking the waters.”

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Spa Services - Bathhouse
Our 1930s bathhouse offers an authentic and traditional bathhouse experience. Mineral water is pumped directly into the tubs for an all-natural, healing bath
Explore the Gorge
There’s much about the history of the Columbia River Gorge that isn’t known. We don’t know, for example, who the first inhabitants of the Gorge were.
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