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Carson Hot Springs History


In 1876, Isadore St. Martin was on a hunting expedition when he discovered the hot springs bubbling up through the rocks of a riverbed. When he slipped his hand into the water, he was shocked to find that the springs were comfortable to the touch. St. Martin marked the spot with the intention of filing an Indian Homestead claim on the site, and headed home to his wife.

St. Martin’s wife, Margaret, suffered from neuralgia, a disorder that causes severe pain along damaged nerves. Oftentimes she was so crippled by the disorder that she was unable to eat, sleep, or leave the home for days at a time. St. Martin told her about the springs, and they excitedly discussed the healing capabilities that lay within the waters.

Months went by as the couple anxiously awaited the approval of the Indian Homestead claim, until finally the day arrived when they obtained the legal rights to the springs. St. Martin took Margaret to bathe in the waters, and, to their joy, experienced immense relief from her neuralgia. Word spread of the powers of the waters, so in 1897 St. Martin began constructing a safe place for those in need of “taking the waters.”

Since then, we have diligently worked to maintain much of St. Martin’s original, authentic charm. The historical hotel was completed in 1901 and is still being used today, as are the cabins and bathhouse, which were added in 1923. The name was changed to Carson Hot Springs in the early 70’s, reflecting a new era of the ancient practice of taking the waters. We hope to provide guests with a genuine bathing experience, as is tradition in the waters of Carson Hot Springs.

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