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The Columbia River Gorge Has It All

From mountain biking, to gravel rides, to scenic bikeways, the Columbia River Gorge has it all. You’ll find steep up-and-downs, rocky and volcanic soil, varied landscapes and long, rugged rides to challenge even the most experienced biker. If the thought of tearing across the mountainside on a bicycle terrifies you, there are plenty of smooth trails that will take you to restaurants and microbreweries as well.

The Columbia River Gorge Highlights

  • Steep up-and-downs.
  • Rocky, volcanic soils in exposed areas.
  • Varied landscapes — from wet forestlands to mixed oak savanna.
  • Long, rugged rides and smooth, flowing circuits.
  • Free-ride and Enduro-style trails at Post Canyon.
  • A plethora of restaurants and micro-breweries in Hood River, the hub of the Gorge.
  1. Hood River-to-Mosier Trail Length: 4.6 miles | Origin: Hood River
  2. Larch Mountain Loop Length: 6 miles | Origin: Corbett
  3. The Dalles Riverfront Trail to Discovery Center Length: 10 miles | Origin: The Dalles
  4. Syncline Trail Length: 11 miles | Origin: Hood River
  5. Surveyor’s Ridge Length: 12 miles | Origin: Parkdale
  6. Post Canyon Trails Length: 15 miles | Origin: Hood River
  7. Klickitat Trail Length: 16 miles | Origin: Mosier
  8. Waucoma Ridge Length: 19.2 miles | Origin: Odell
  9. Deschutes River Trail – Gorge Length: 23.8 miles | Origin: Rufus
  10. Surveyor’s Ridge/Dog River Loop Length: 24.7 miles | Origin: Parkdale
  11. Mt. Hood Loop Tour Length: 140 miles | Origin: Hood River

About the Gorge

Oregon’s Columbia Gorge offers several diverse mountain biking areas, from cross-country to free-ride trails set among wet forests, volcanic plains and mixed oak savanna. This is an area where everyone can find something to enjoy. It’s also one of the most stunningly beautiful regions in the Northwest, and most trails offer glimpses of the majestic Columbia River and surrounding forest and farmland. From rolling single-track to free-ride and Enduro-style trails interspersed with manmade features, log rides, drops and gaps, the Gorge is a place you can keep coming back to.

Nearby towns, including Hood River, The Dalles and Cascade Locks, can serve as base camp before and after trail-riding days. With a wide selection of restaurants, breweries, hotels, campsites and bike shops around these towns, you’ll have access to plenty of resources to help you out along the trails and after a hard day of riding. Dirty Fingers in Hood River is a great local bike shop that offers information, repairs and support… and beer.

For the current open status of Gorge trails, visit

Bike Rentals

In Sandy, check out Otto’s Ski Shop. In Hood River, visit Discover Bicycles or Mountain View Cycles.

Did you know that the Columbia River Gorge is one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon? See one – or better yet, see them all.

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